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Speaking from Experience

The following is a small selection of the projects Thomas Hofbauer has independently executed over the past 10 years.

Innovation, Expansion


Project 1 – Acquisition

Industry Technology – Machine Engineering and Plant Construction
Goal Broaden product portfolio and diversify market presence
Tasks Define target segment and identify target candidates, portfolio analysis, exploration and evaluation, selection, term sheet, due diligence, negotiation, and closing
Results Cash & earn-out deal over 4 years

Innovation, Expansion


Project 2 – Portfolio Analysis & Growth Strategy

Industry Finances - Network and Transaction Services
Goal Portfolio analysis, expansion of market positioning, and growth
Tasks Technology screening, analysis of service portfolio, definition and evaluation of future market scenarios, business case evaluation of target scenarios, service portfolio adjustment and business unit alignment
Results Market segment and portfolio expansion with turnover growth of 25–30% over 3 years



Project 3 – Growth Strategy

Industry Trade – Consumer Electronics and Household Goods
Goal Global growth strategy / Online business strategy
Tasks Market and competition analysis, customer segment analysis, development and evaluation of alternative growth models, selection and evaluation of business cases, integration of online channel with existing stationary business model
Results Customer-centric multichannel strategy, target sales of +30% over 4 years



Project 4 – Acquisition

Industry Information Technology – Software Development
Goal Stabilize business operations, and growth
Tasks Market and competition analysis, candidate screening, due diligence, realignment of product development cycle, development of marketing and sales strategy, alliance partnerships, integration with software service provider
Results Venture capital deal with business realignment and expansion



Project 5 – Post-Merger Integration & Restructuring

Industry Utilities – Energy Supply
Goal Post-merger integration (PMI) & restructuring of cross-divisional functions
Tasks Site and employee analysis, business model for new, central service provider, define process and organizational model for operative units such as customer management, help desk, plant operations, training, quality assurance and accounting, transfer of +20 legal entities with +2500 employees via a rescue company into new centralized target organization
Results More unified, centralized service provider with cost savings of 23% in 2 years accompanied by an increase in effectiveness of +30%



Project 6 – Reorganization & Integration

Industry Technology – Aeronautics
Goal European IT reorganization & integration
Tasks Process and site analysis, development of cross-country process and organizational model, program to increase effectiveness, cost savings and rationalization programme, transformation of the entire IT service provider in 18 months
Results Streamlined, virtual IT service provider with 4 European sites and cost savings of 27% in 3 years

Industry Experience

  • Automobile & Suppliers
  • Service Providers
  • Electronics & Computers
  • Utilities
  • Retail
  • Consumer Goods
  • Machines & Equipment
  • Media & Internet
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Travel & Transport
  • Telecommunications