“A good idea for a new business tends not to occur in isolation, and often the window of opportunity is very small. So speed is of the essence.”

Sir Richard Branson

Services: Innovation

Developing – and Realizing Ideas

Innovations are the germ cells for new business ideas or products. Today we are experiencing a seemingly endless proliferation of new, exceptional innovations, especially in technology-based products or where technology – of any kind – is a key enabler. This is making it increasingly difficult to position innovations at the right point in time, to differentiate them from the competition, or prioritize the wide range of possible applications on the market.

In-House Production or Licensing?

Let’s assume you, a small, innovative company, have developed a new process for polymer surface technology that could mean a quantum leap for a wide range of possible applications in medicine, pharmaceuticals, food etc. What are the concrete applications and how should they be evaluated? Should you license it from the start or invest in in-house production? What kinds of partnerships make the most sense for additional development and financing? And beyond all these considerations: While large competitors (e.g. chemical companies) might show interest, they also have unimagined in-house capacity to develop similar processes. As such, the “window of opportunity” for successfully positioning your product on the market may be limited despite patents.

THE Navigator can help you evaluate, launch, position, further develop and adapt products or services as part of business development, acquisitions, reorganization or in start-up situations with a particular focus on technological and technology-driven products. Based on our years of experience analyzing, evaluating and helping to launch technology-oriented solutions and products, THE Navigator can offer directed support in helping you achieve the desired market position for your innovation. We also offer business case and plan development services for new business areas, develop market entry strategies and assess product and service portfolios.

Our Consulting Services for Innovation:

  • Analysis and evaluation of products and/or services
  • Business case development
  • Business plan development
  • Business sector development
  • Market and product strategy
  • Launch strategy
  • Strategic partnerships for research and product development