“I have always found that if I move with seventy-five percent or more of the facts that I usually never regret it. It’s the guys who wait to have everything perfect that drive you crazy.”

Lee Iacocca (früherer CEO Chrysler)

Services: Expansion

Recognizing – and tapping potential

Before your company enters a new market or country, diversifies a product portfolio or targets an acquisition, there are a lot of business decisions that require a thorough analysis and preparation. Company acquisitions or divestments in particular can be complex, difficult and have far-reaching consequences. Continual, focused support over the course of such projects, clearly separated from the normal, operative responsibilities of daily business, is essential to ensure your ultimate success.

M&A as Day-to-Day Business?

Imagine for a moment as an entrepreneur, you would like to divest from a small subsidiary, whether as a portfolio adjustment or to free up the necessary capital for a long planned new acquisition. The relatively small transaction volume makes it rather unattractive to an investment bank, or the costs would be prohibitively high. While your planning department could handle the project, all your employees are involved with other tasks. …And then there are questions about site optimization and outsourcing cross-division functions that need to be addressed. Apart from that: It might be very helpful to have an objective and independent opinion regarding the assessment, placement and negotiation of the deal – and it would probably pay off the long run.

THE Navigator Consulting sees companies through any kind of growth activity, especially expansion into new countries, the diversification of product and services portfolios, rollout of integrated multichannel distribution or the expansion of an existing business department. Additionally we offer a broad service footprint across the entire M&A value chain, from market exploration, candidate selection, evaluation, due diligence, and negotiation all the way through subsequent integration. With a flexible and closely coordinated operative transaction management, we can offer optimal support for all your corporate decision-making processes. We work with legal advisors, certified auditors and other experts of your choice or from our own network.

We can also lend your our expertise in setting up strategic partnerships or divesting from divisions with a subsequent carve-out. If you are considering alternative or additional financing, we can introduce you to partners for SME or start-up financing.

Our Consulting Services for Expansion:

  • eCommerce strategy
  • Market and competition analysis
  • Preparing a launch for new countries/new markets
  • Multichannel strategy
  • M&A preparation (selection, targeting)
  • M&A support (evaluation, due diligence, negotiation, closing)
  • Scaling of cross-divisional functions (IT, HR. F&A, …)
  • Strategic partnerships for market expansion and distribution
  • Growth strategy