”Willingness to change is a strength, even if it means plunging part of the company into total confusion for a while.“

Jack Welsh (früherer CEO General Electric)

Services: Transformation

Anticipating – and Shaping Change

Fundamental changes in companies are necessary for innovation and growth, but only justified if they result in sustainable increases in efficiency and effectiveness. Sustainable and substantial results in turn require a holistic approach – starting with the business processes and organization all the way to less tangible elements like corporate values, management culture and employee motivation – ultimately nothing less than an end-to-end transformation of the company as a whole or in part.

External impulses – the acquisition of a company or a recession – are often the impetus for a substantial reorganization or transformation inside an organization.

Attach or Integrate?

Let’s imagine you have made a recent acquisition. It would surely be easier to simply add the new company to your firm as an independent subsidiary. But you are aware that important synergy effects can only be realized through complete integration. Despite that, there are essential structural changes in purchasing and marketing you have been wanting to take on for some time.

You are worried about the cost of a long integration, not to mention the challenge it poses for both the company and its employees. Wouldn’t it be worthwhile to at least analyze the alternatives more closely before making a decision?

THE Navigator offers structured and systematic transformation management to help you with any structural changes, such as post-merger integration, reorganization or rationalization measures. In addition to the actual integration or consolidation process, we will work with you to improve the cost basis and performance of the units to be integrated with measurable results and sustainable value enhancement.

Depending on your requirements, we can also move beyond the planning and conception of the project and steer the transformation process via programme management or take on a temporary management role to monitor the process. Here as well we are ready to live up to the goals we define together.

Our Consulting Services for Transformation:

  • Pre-divestment preparation
  • Cost potential analysis
  • M&A follow-up (post-merger integration, carve-out)
  • Process optimization
  • Rationalization strategies
  • Reorganization of operational and organizational structure
  • Reorganization of cross-divisional functions (IT, HR, F&A, …)
  • Sourcing, evaluation and realisationrealization