Our Vision: Being at your side in every phase of the corporate lifecycle.


The German “Mittelstand” or SMEs are known for their optimal decision-making strategies, close proximity to the customer and technical know-how. But positioning a new product on a global scale takes more today. We provide you with reliable coordinates.
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Growth equals success – as long as your company can withstand the pressure to succeed. Whether it involves new countries, distribution channels or capacities: expansion does not come without any obstacles. This makes it even more important to have a skilled advisor at your side.
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Reorganization? Restructuring? Turn around? An experienced pilot on board can help navigate these unchartered waters. So that you can push full steam ahead.
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Our Service Portfolio

The Optimal Position at the Right Point in Time

Companies undergo cyclical development phases driven by or in anticipation of market development. The development and launch of products or services (innovation) is generally followed by a growth phase in which a company enters new markets, diversifies products, or completes acquisitions (expansion). This phase ultimately gives way to consolidation, when a newly acquired company is integrated, or a firm undergoes reorganization and the cost structure is rationalized due to a cyclical downturn (transformation).

Both timing and positioning during these phases of development are key to corporate success, and give rise to a whole range of tactical and strategic questions, such as:

  • Are we in the right position for the next upturn?
  • Have we correctly anticipated future market scenarios?
  • Is our financing potential optimally deployed?
  • Have we got the right distribution partners on board?
  • Should we jump in now or wait?

As both advisor and partner for our clients, our top priority at THE Navigator is to offer comprehensive support during the corporate development cycle phases: innovation, expansion and transformation. We are at your side for both the upturns and the downturns, working together to ensure your lasting success.

How We See Our Role

  • Analyst
  • Coach
  • Sparring partner
  • Advisor
  • Project/Programme manager
  • Interim manager